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Types of Pollutants Treated

Aggressive Gases

List of companies removing aggressive gases using Gas Washers models KTM, KTRC

Chlorie Gas: Orion (borrachas)

Ammonia Gas: Perdigão , Johnson&Johnson , Ertex

Sulfur Dioxide: Silvânia , Wheaton , Ceval Alimentos

Nitrate Gases: Sulfapar , Sulfatos do Rio Grande , Sulfato Três Barras

Welding Gases: Tecumseh , MacQuay , Cibié , Conexel

Foundry Gases: Sideroter , Metalurgica Rio , Cia. Ind. Ingá , Eletromecânica Book

Incineration Gases: Boa Hora , Sibol , Fac Embalagens , OMG/Degussa



List of Companies removing odours using Gas Washers model KTM , KTRC or Carbon Filters KTCCA:

• FDO (Fritz Dodde e Oclott) BASF (Alfaville) , Givaudam , Dragocco , Vitta Flavour
fragrances and other essences

• Rhom & Haas (Jacareí)
Odours from alfa bacrilates e H2S

• Frigor Eder
Mercaptanes from industrial greases

• ISOVER, Metalúrgica Rio, RieteELLO, Afonso Meister , Van Leer
phenol odours, cresol e mercaptanes

Cia Melhoramentos/Artes Gráficas Parâmetro, Gráficos Burti , Posigraf
Odores from plastifying oil, solvents and mercaptanes in printing machines

• Brasfanta
Odours generated in sodium cyclamate production (sweetening)

• Cia de Cigarros Souza Cruz
Abatement of pollem grains and tobacco odours

• Cia Iguaçú de Café Solúvel
Odours and particulates emissions from coffee blending plants

• Citro Pectina
Odours abatement from orange peel and pomasse drying process

• Curtume Aliança
Odours abatement generated in leather tanning process

• Klüber Lubrificantes/Indl. Fides (TEXACO)
Vapours and odours generated during special greases production

• Labogem
Odours abatement from AZP process

• Laboratórios SQUIBB
Odours abatement from antibiotic production process (miconstantine) (odours are worse than H2S)

• Química Fabril Indarp / Resimar Prod.Químicos / Ertex
Odours, vapours and particulates emissions from production process of chemical products

• Chloride/Ammonia Abatement = See Aggressive Gases

• Twilltex / Endutex
Odours and oiled vapours (DOP) generated in synthetic leather production process

• Van Leer (Greif) / Crown Cork , Nigro Alumínio
Aromatic Solvents vapour emission (paint)

• Fleishmann & Royal
Odours from sewer and fermentation material

• Cebracê
Odours from mirror production process

• Intermarine / Ferretti
Vapours from estirene monomer (Fiberglas) production process


Corrosive Vapours

List of Companies removing odours using Gas Washers model KTM , KTRC

Galvanic Vapours: Siderúrgica Rio Grandense , Eaton Corporation , Fermax , General Eletric ,

Vapours from Chemical Process: Hercules do Brasil,Quimica Indarp, Resimapi, BASF, Texaco Klüber

ToxicVapours: Pioneer Sementes Rohm&Haas, Johann Fabber , Oxiquímica , Nigro

Oiled Vapours

List of Companies removing odours using Gas Washers model KTM , KTRC

Vapours/Gases from printing: Parâmetro, Burti, Melhoramentos, Posigraf

Vapours from Oil/Grease production Quimica Anastácio , Twilltex , Klüber , Texaco

Asphalt Vapours: Araguaia Const. brasileira de Rodovias S.A (Usina de Asfalto)

Luboil Vapours:
Duratex (Itapetininga) , Duratex (Agudos)

Powder and Particulates

List of Companies removing Powder and particulates (specific) using Gas Washers model KTM , KTRC

Wood Dust: Secadores Bison Duratex (Gravataí)

Carbonblack: Amorim Primo , Alfredo Teves (ITT Automotive)

Pó de Sulfato de Manganese Sulfate powder:
Mineralite , BASF

Pó de Silicato de Sódio/Sulfato de Sódio: M.Agostini , Nadir Figueiredo , Astra Brasil , Santa Marina

(Glass Furnaces)

Plumb Oxides Powder (Rotary Furnace): Alfreber Indústria de Reaproveitamento de Chumbo LTDA.

Clay Powder: Argitex Argilas Descorantes LTDA., Fulmont Argilas LTDA.



List of Companies removing mist using Gas Washers model KTM , KTRC

Onion: Nutrimetal S.A. Ind. e Com. de Alimentos

Oligomeres: Rhodia ( Fábrica de Nylon )

Paint and Pitch: Confab Industrial , Brastubos

Luboil: Duratex (Itapetininga) , Duratex (Agudos)

Enzime Oil: Textil Elizabeth , Tecelagem Jacira , Textil Cortilester


Combustion Gases and Thermal Processe

List of Companies removing combustion gases and gases from thermal processes in general using Gas Washers model KTM

Gases from boilers = SO2 , SO3 , NO2 , Particulates:
We have 302 washers installed in boilers, being it the first one made in fiberglass installed in a boiler in 1982:
List of major customers: Pirelli , Teka , Duratex , Textil Elizabeth , Laboratórios Abbot , Anderson Clayton , Chocolates Garoto , Coca-Cola , Pepsi Cola , Leites Paulista , Leco , Souza Cruz , Fiat Lux , Gessy Lever , among others big or small industries.

Themal processes as: Foundries, Incinerators, Annealing, Welding, Heaters, Ovens, Furnaces etc

Lemission of corrosive gases, particulates, fumes, odours etc.

Alguns Clientes: Prometal , Metalurgica Croy , Microjet , Norton , Refratários Modelo , Alfreber , Cebrace , Cia. Brasileira de Cristais , CBE, Greif (Van Leer).


Domestic Sewer

Once more, looking for atractive alternatives and low operational / instalation costs without jeopardizing the eficiencies and results so necesary to the environmental protection, Kälte-Tec / Lufttechnik using the most advanced biological technology lauch the Biological Filter called BIODEGRADATOR .
They are simple and compact the eliminates the organic material as excrementes, urine, fats and other efluents from standard sink and sewers.
Hotels, lodges, condos, residences as well as marinas, boats and oil plataforms among others.
It's the most modern concept of tratment, fullt patent, able to bring back the quality of the water in very short time and low cost.
Due to the use of Biotechnology and Selective Filtering, this system different from other on the market, has an imediate response not requiring extensive time for microorganism become aclimatized.



Industrial Efluents

Exemplos List of companies using vertical Sewer Treatment Modular Equipment model ETKTV recovering up to 70% industrial water at ETKTVR stations

Water Treatment at Drycleaners: Beneficiamento de Fios Superga , Tapetes Bandeirantes
Coisas e Costura , Textil Gifram , Tab Textil

Water Recovering: Esporte Clube Sírio Libanês



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