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A Kälte-Tec with its vast experience and creativity, has been developing special products to meet the specific needs of each client and puts the market these products to better serve their clientele and, of course, lower costs.

Separator for oils and greases with surface scraper and automatic removal of supernatant. Client: Gessy Lever (Dove) Complements washer KTRC 1100/100

Inertial droplet separator especially indicated to eliminate axial splashing droplets and condesado in chimneys low loss low weight for easy deployment on chimney

Treatment system and automatic removal of solids suitable for neutralizing fluid solutions in Customer gas: Client: Souza Cruz (Porto Alegre) incorporates part of system recovery for sulphate/sulphites

Crystallizer differential for separation and recovery of sulphite and sulphate neutralising agent of boiler gas washer

Client: Souza Cruz


Flow Director/Demister (breaker drops) Used in gas scrubbers to prevent drag and ducts of damp mist.

Moisture removal system/acidity of a biogas flow to allow use in boilers or engines without causing corrosion. Is a system of washing with stuffing on lattice of polyamide, irrigated with ice water (water chiller)

Storage tank of silicone oil with control and Client level display: Graphics Burti (washer-bound KTM 1200/1100) with daily removal of 250 l oil graphic printing.

Serpentine cooling unit and the production of chilled water with chemical nickel protection to ensure chemical resistance.

Client: Ceval Food drying biogas Unit

Production system of sulfurous acid gas scrubbing by SO2 + SO3 sulphur quimador produced for use in industries of paper.

Client: Araupel

Special auto-estruturada fireplace in GRP for aggressive gases
modelo da foto: Ø1.400mm x h=21.000mm

Client: Cervejaria Cerpa (Belém do Pará)


Separator for oils and greases flow client:

Brazil Refinações Maizena


Rotor of centrifugal exhaust fan high efficiency and resistant to aggressive gases (GRP)
Q= 20.000m³/h
P= 210mmCa

Potência: 25 CV


Fireplace with protection against rain, hail and etc. With main characteristic: low loss and does not play the gas down (over the roof) as the Chinese Hats.

Tank and support activated carbon filter element of ETE with water recovery (dyeing) client: Beneficiamento de Fios Superga

Dry filter activated carbon for removal of fumes and odours from monomer styrene in lamination line of hooves and boat houses.

Client: Intermarine (PORT VINCENT)

Special platform for KTM series Scrubber, supporting series centrifugal exhaust fan and dual platform for maintenance and sampling of gases.


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