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About the companies

Kälte Tec Consultoria e Instalações Industriais Ltda.

Main segments served: · Textil · Pulp and paper mill · Chemistry and Petrochemistry · Food · Drinks · Metallurgy · Mining · Auto-Parts · Mats · Boards Wood · Hospital · Nautical Sector · Hospitality industry · Any branch requiring sewage treatment.·

Companies that need heat in your utilities, processes harmful to the environment or to the company's internal environment ·

Anyway, all companies that use equipment with chance to pollute are our potential clients with more than 650 plants marketed in 10 countries and with 35 years of expertise in the area, are the more well placed on the marketboth in quantity and quality of our gas scrubbers, provided mainly to the reduction of SO2 and Soot in boilers, furnaces and heaters, meaning this segment the largest contingent and polluting potential of the planet, in the industrial area.


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