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The Pollution is one of the most difficult problems found in industries and other areas nowadays.

The preventive measures , are not the best and conclusive solution for a situation who becames worse every day.

Facing this situation , companys , bussnismen and others became trapped , in one side the Governament with theys demands , in the other the communities asking for a solution , with all this we still have the Polution Control Systems that works but have a huge cost.

Kalte-Tec Company have the best solution with lower prices , our equipment produced in Brazil , with lower cost of labour and taxes , are proud to be the only company in our contry to Export our products and technology. Our systems are patented and highly efficient , with the lowest maintenance cost in the market today. The KTM series , our best solution for the companies , with more than 700 units sold worldwide , our KTLF line , KTRC Line and our Biodegradator Line , ( this one specialy designed for sewer treatment).

Developing low cost , low maintenance , durable Polution Control Systems are our policy for the Panet Earth.

Suporting companies , bussnismen , and everyone with a polution problem , is our main goal.


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