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Gas Washers Model KTLF

Aplicable to all contaminants/polutants

It's the most versatile gás washers available worldwide. For those applications that requires more than 3 KTM Series Washers , using less space in the factory and having a higher dispersing tower.

Due to it's leito fluidizado principle , a great number of water drops are kept floating offering a great eficiency without any risk of nozzle obstructions, not requiring maintenance or cleaning.

Due to the same principle, the operational costs (energy and neutralizing fluid) are kept to a minimum.

Photos and Details:

KTLF 56.000/1600

cliente: Celgon

Abatendo Odores de graxaria


KTLF 150.000/2500

Cliente: Cutrale

Abatendo gases de caldeira e bagaço


KTLF 77.000/2140 Bio

Cliente: Greif - Inglaterra

Abatendo vapores de solventes


KTLF 140.000/2500 + KTLF 100.000/2140 + Biodegradator MCP 350/200

Cliente: Pet Foods (Nutriara)

Abatimento de odores de produção de ração animal
Recuperação de efluente (esgoto)


KTLF 80.000/2140 Bio

Cliente: Star Tintas

Abatendo Tintas e Solventes


KTLF 60.000/2140 Bio

Cliente: Tapon Corona - Anápolis

Abatendo vapores de solvente



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